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AC Installation Services

AC Installation Services in Bedford, IN

A home’s air conditioning unit functions to keep the occupants of the household cool and comfortable. Summers are getting hotter and longer, so this goal continues to increase in importance. When the AC fails, professional help is needed to get it running again quickly.

The unit may be in need of repair. However, at times, the technician will recommend replacing the unit. When this day comes, call on Dayton’s Heating and Cooling for expert AC Installation services. The team is ready to help in any way they can.


Why an AC Unit May Need to Be Replaced

A technician might recommend the AC unit be replaced because repairing it will be too costly. In certain situations, installing a new unit will lead to more efficient cooling of the home and lower energy bills. The key to successful AC installation services lies in ensuring the right unit is selected for the home. The wrong size leads to inefficient cooling and high energy bills. For this reason, it is essential to work with a trained professional who can make the necessary calculations for the residence.


Signs the Air Conditioner is in Need of Replacement

The air conditioning unit should not cycle frequently. When the unit turns on to regulate the temperature, even when the temperature in the home hasn’t changed, there is a problem. Call our HVAC technicians for help. When humidity levels in the home reach 50 percent or higher, the AC unit must work harder to remove this moisture from the air. This leads to uneven cooling of the home and additional wear and tear on the system. An updated unit with AC installation services eliminates these issues.

Any water leaking from the unit is a sign the system needs repair. The leak interferes with the system’s ability to cool the home. In addition, the water can lead to damage to the structure or bring about mold and foul odors.  Strange noises coming from the unit require immediate investigation. The homeowner may hear a clanking noise, a buzzing sound, or clicking from the unit. Call an HVAC technician to determine what the noise is and why it is occurring, and schedule AC installation services if necessary.

No homeowner wants to pay more than necessary to cool the home. At times, a high energy bill suggests there is a problem with the air conditioning unit. The unit is working harder to compensate for changes in the temperature. This suggests it is time to call for AC installation services in Bedford, IN.  When an air conditioner breaks down repeatedly, it’s time to consider investing in a new one. Consider how much has been spent on repairs in the last year. The resulting figure is enough to have many homeowners calling to request a new unit today.


How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

Many factors play a role in how long an air conditioning unit will last. The average lifespan of these units is 12 to 17 years when they are properly maintained. However, a homeowner may wish to call for AC installation services sooner thanks to advances in technology that have led to more efficient units. Doing so could save them monthly on energy bills.


Can the Unit Be Repaired?

A homeowner may want to know if the existing unit can be repaired. In many cases, an AC repair is possible before you need AC installation services. Nevertheless, the owner should consider whether they will spend more to repair this unit regularly or if the money would be better spent on a new unit.


Air Conditioner Options

Today, homeowners have more options when it comes to cooling the home. Many people choose a central air conditioning unit. Other homeowners, however, find a ductless split system better meets their needs. Additional options to consider include window units and wall units. Speak with the technician to learn which they recommend for the home and why.

Call to learn more about the benefits of installing a new air conditioning unit in the home and when this task should be completed. Many homeowners find they wish to replace their existing unit even if it remains functional. Other men and women will find the time has come to replace their unit, as it is too costly to fix. Regardless of which situation a homeowner finds themselves in, Dayton’s Heating and Cooling is here to help.


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