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HVAC Services in Bedford

HVAC Services in Bedford, IN 

When the HVAC system in a home stops working properly, help is needed right away. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable in their home, and they shouldn’t have to be. With our help, keeping the home at the desired temperature has never been easier.

Bedford isn’t known for high temperatures during the summer months, as the average high in July is 86 degrees. January serves as the coldest month of the year, as the low temperature for this month is an average of 21 degrees. However, every home still needs a functioning HVAC system on the hottest and coolest days. How can Dayton’s Heating and Cooling be of help in keeping this system up and running?

Air Conditioning Services

Call when the air conditioning unit isn’t running. It might be in need of AC repair or the time may have come for it to be replaced. On average, these systems last 12 to 17 years. However, if the system isn’t properly maintained, it must be replaced sooner. Other factors, such as high humidity, can also reduce the lifespan of the unit.  A sudden increase in energy bills suggests something is wrong with the unit. This could be a refrigerant leak, dirt built up in the ducts, or a bad coil. All could lead to the system working harder than it should, which leads to high bills.

The HVAC technician examines the system to determine where the problem lies. After this examination, they could provide information about the problem and how best to resolve it. This may be a repair or a replacement. Even with regular maintenance, the system may break down regularly. The cost of repairs adds up quickly. An owner may decide it is wiser to replace the unit. This can be determined with the help of the technician.

Regardless of what HVAC services in Bedford, IN are needed, the technician will be of help. In many cases, the problem can be resolved on the same day.

Options to Consider

If it is determined the air conditioner needs to be replaced, discuss all options with the technician. For instance, some people will find a ductless split system is the best choice for their household. Other homeowners will select central air conditioning. A homeowner needs to know all available options to ensure the right choice is made for the home.

Heating Services

When the home fails to heat properly, it’s time to call in an HVAC contractor in Bedford, IN. Numerous things may go wrong with a heating system and most homeowners don’t know where to start finding the problem. Don’t worry. Our team is available to help.

Replacing the heating system comes at a high cost in the eyes of most homeowners. For this reason, any time a problem is detected within this system, don’t delay in making the call. The sooner the problem is found and addressed, the lower the repair bill will be.

A failure to take prompt action could lead to costly repairs or the need to replace the system. Furthermore, a malfunctioning system leads to higher energy bills. This can be prevented by calling for a heating system repair right away. The technician will make the necessary repair or recommend a new unit if the high bills are the result of an inefficient system. Replacing the heating system can significantly lower monthly energy bills.

In addition, the team installs gas fireplaces for those who want this feature in the home. A gas fireplace adds warmth to any room, both literally and figuratively. Any person who has considered this addition to their home should call today to learn about the available options.

Why Prompt Action is Necessary

Extreme heat or cold can harm residents of the household, particularly those who are very young, elderly, or have an existing medical condition. Whether the home has a heat pump, a furnace, a gas fireplace, or another heating system, the team can diagnose the issue and repair it. This protects the occupants of the home and ensures they remain comfortable in the residence.

Maintenance Plans

One way to ensure a home’s HVAC system functions properly is through proper maintenance. Dayton’s Heating and Cooling offers maintenance plans as part of the provided heating and cooling services.

These club memberships come with several perks, including two complimentary tune-ups every year. Call today to learn more about how a maintenance plan will keep the system up and running all year long.

A comfortable home is a happy home. Call today for HVAC services to ensure the heating and cooling system operates as intended. With the help of our friendly technicians, every homeowner can have a comfortable home at affordable prices.