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Heating Repair Services

Heating Repair Services in Bedford, IN

As anyone who has lived in the area for more than a few years knows, Indiana can get dangerously cold in the winter. Having a fully functioning and efficient heating system is an absolute must for local homeowners and their families.

While providing heaters with regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance inspections can help to reduce the chances of system failures, there’s always a chance that the heater will fail. It’s important for homeowners to have a reliable HVAC contractor in mind to resolve problems quickly and make sure the family doesn’t get left out in the cold with professional heating repair services.

Signs It’s Time for Heating Repair Services

The good news for homeowners is that most heating system failures don’t occur at random. Furnaces usually begin to malfunction or show signs of impending trouble in advance. Keep an eye, ear, and nose out for the following issues and schedule heating repair services as soon as one of them comes up.

Unpleasant Odors

Gas heaters sometimes produce a very faint scent when they’re operating normally, and heaters being turned on for the first time in months may burn off dust and dirt. These scents should not be obvious in the living areas of the house, though, nor should they persist over time. If there’s a strong odor that doesn’t go away after turning on the heater, turn it off immediately and call for help because it could indicate either a gas leak or a fire inside the unit.

Insufficiently Heated Air

When a heater is running, it should heat the house up quickly. Homeowners who turn up their thermostats and still feel a chill in the air might be dealing with leaky ductwork. This issue is best addressed by hiring an HVAC technician to repair and insulate the ducts, which will increase efficiency and reduce cold drafts throughout the home.

Trouble Starting

There are a lot of problems that can make it difficult for a heater to get started, from dirty pilot lights to disconnected wiring. The issue could be as simple as a dead battery in the thermostat or it could be a problem with the gas line. It’s best to hire a trained technician to troubleshoot the issue and provide expert repairs.

Discolored Pilot Lights

A furnace’s pilot light should always be blue in color. Discolored pilot lights are caused by gas imbalances, which can be cause for concern. Yellow pilot lights typically indicate ventilation problems and dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide in the air, so call for help immediately.


Constant, Unusual Noises

Not every noise coming from a heater is cause for concern. It’s normal for the unit to make some sound while it’s starting up, and the ducts often produce unusual noises when the metal expands. That said, persistent squealing, banging, scraping, rumbling, rattling, hissing, and other unusual noises can all indicate serious underlying problems that should be addressed by an HVAC professional.

Short Cycling

If the heater is turning on and off erratically, that’s never a good sign. Short cycling can be caused by something as simple as obstructed vents or dirty air filters, or it could indicate condensate switch defects or corroded flame sensors. It’s fine to check the vents, filters, and thermostat before calling for heating repair services, but if all of them are clean and in good working order, calling for help is not necessary.

Poor Air Quality

Ducts collect dirt, allergens, and microorganisms over time even when they’re properly installed and maintained. When the heater turns on, it can blow all of those airborne contaminants into the living areas of the home where they can cause respiratory problems and a seemingly constant supply of dust. If the air quality seems to have worsened since turning on the heater for the season, call to schedule duct cleaning or heating repair services.

Always Call for Professional Help

Because furnaces often run on natural gas, attempting DIY heating repair services can be dangerous as well as ineffective. One small error can lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Unless the issue is as minor as replacing an air filter or unblocking vents, it’s always best to trust a professional.

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold

No Bedford family deserves to go without heat on the coldest nights of the year, so don’t wait until winter is upon us to schedule furnace repairs. Call Dayton’s Heating and Cooling to schedule heating repair services in Bedford, IN as soon as it’s clear that there’s something wrong. We also offer inspections and tune-ups for homeowners who want the comfort of knowing that their heating systems are in good working order before the temperatures start to drop.