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Preparing Your AC System for Spring: Essential Maintenance Tips for Mitchell, IN Homes

A goodbye to winter is a welcome hello to the warmth and sunshine of spring. But those sunny days can cloud over if you have a looming problem on your hands: a broken AC unit.

Preparing Your AC System for Spring is crucial to your seasonal heating maintenance. Here are some tips for checking if your HVAC system is ready for the change in season in Mitchell, IN.

Check Your Air Filters

Your AC unit depends on clean air filters to operate correctly. When filters become dirty or clogged, the airflow in the system is limited.

That can mean the air conditioning unit needs to work harder to achieve the same effect in your home, which leads to higher running costs. It can also make your system more prone to damage.

Check the air filters before the warmer spring months begin to ensure they look okay. You can clean filters if the issue is minor, but for old, worn, and dirty filters, you should replace them.

Check Your Condenser Coils

In an air conditioning system, the condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit and removes heat from your home.

However, like filters, condenser coils can cause a buildup of debris from outside. This makes it harder for your system to remove heat from the home, which means you won’t get the full benefits of your HVAC.

That means more money is spent on energy bills, and your unit is at risk of long-term damage. Before the spring months, check the condenser coil and remove any dirt or leaves.

Check the Thermostat

You should always check your thermostat, but it’s particularly important that you do this before the spring.

The thermostat controls the temperature in your home, so it’s a good indicator of whether your AC unit is working correctly. When you are ready to test it, set your thermostat to cool.

It should be lower than your current indoor temperature. If your AC unit doesn’t start or you don’t notice an even cooling temperature in every room in your house, it could indicate a problem.

That’s an excellent time to contact AC companies for an AC and heating tune-up.

Check the Airflow

What can sometimes happen with an AC unit is that it appears to work but it’s not creating an even temperature throughout your house. It could be an airflow problem, and that’s a helpful check to conduct before spring.

Check the vents to ensure they aren’t closed or blocked. That could leave your AC unit working less efficiently and needing a repair.

It’s also worth booking a professional service for your HVAC to ensure all ducts and vents are clear, and the system isn’t showing signs of a leak. All that will help prevent your unit’s expensive bills and wear and tear.

Heating Maintenance: Getting the Most from Your HVAC Unit

Don’t leave your HVAC system to run inefficiently when you need it the most.

Heating maintenance is a wise investment, and it will help reduce your energy expenditure, improve indoor air quality, and minimize the chances of a breakdown.

At Dayton’s Heating and Cooling, we’ve been offering reliable service since 1985. Now is the perfect opportunity to book an AC service for your home in Mitchell, IN. Complete our contact form for an AC repair free estimate.