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Transitioning to Fall: Maintaining Your Tankless Water Heater for Optimal Performance in Springville, IN

There’s no worse feeling than hopping into the shower, only to discover someone else has used all the hot water. Alas, it’s a common downside of a tank water heater. Unless you went tankless; hot water is limitless and on-demand in that case.

As winter creeps closer this autumn season in Springville, IN, you’ll be loving endless hot water. Falling into the false sense of security that your tank needs no maintenance. When that energy bill hits, you’ll wish you’d taken care of your tankless water heater maintenance sooner.

Routine maintenance ensures a steaming hot shower every time-and a reasonable utility bill. Let’s look at a few key ways you can keep your heater in optimal condition.

Clean Your Air Filter

Most tankless water heaters, like other systems, need an air intake. A dusty, clogged filter forces the fan to work harder. As a result, the entire heater burns through extra electricity and gets the same effect.

Cleaning the filter is easy. Identify the air inlet pipe and unscrew the filter connected to it inside the housing. Rinsing it with soapy water and drying it should do the trick.

Of course, you can always call for a tankless water heater technician to do it during regular maintenance.

Clean Your Water Filter

Water filters trap sediment and heavy metals in your water supply. As those contaminants build up, less water makes it through the heater. This pushes the pump to its limits-increasing your bills.

The filter is also easy to clean and is usually replaceable. It’s going to be in the pathway of your cold water inlet. You’ll need to shut off the water supply, remove the filter, and rinse it with water.

This job is a bit more involved and can get messy. Have your preferred technician do it during your maintenance schedule.

Clean Your Dirt Trap

The dirt trap is a container that captures any gunk circulating in your heater. There’s no filter here, but it’s still vital to keeping the system clean.

In most cases, the trap is at the bottom of the heater. You might see a white pipe sticking out with a screw-cap top. Unscrew it, clear out the dirt, and then secure it tightly again.

Flush the System

Like their tank counterparts, tankless heaters still need a regular yearly flush. You may need to do this more often if your residential area has hard water. Even with filters, sediment and mineral deposits build up inside the internals of the heater.

You’ll need to shut off the power source, water supply, and circuit breaker first. Then, connect a hose to the service ports to make a loop. At the center, you’ll have a sump pump in a bucket filled with a vinegar/water solution for flushing.

The pump will clear out any contaminants and make it run good as new. Or, you can let your trusty technicians do this for you.

Get Professional Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Tankless water heater maintenance is no less vital than maintaining anything else in your home. Clean the air and water, and don’t forget the dirt trap. Make sure to flush the system at least once per year.

Let Dayton’s Heating and Cooling drop by and handle the maintenance for you. Reach us here and we’ll be there ASAP.