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Maximizing Energy Efficiency With Regular Heating and Cooling Maintenance in Orleans, IN

Indiana residents spend slightly below the national average on cooling costs. Nationwide, the average energy bill is $2,284 per year. Meanwhile, Hoosiers spend an average of $2,168 on energy annually.

If you want to cut your energy costs even further, heating and cooling maintenance is one way to do it.

Scheduling annual routine maintenance, monthly air filter checks, and regularly having your ducts resealed can slash your utility bill this spring and summer. Here’s how.

Annual Routine Maintenance Checks

Experts recommend getting your HVAC system checked at least twice yearly or once per season. Ideally, you want your AC checked in the spring and your heating system checked in the fall.

Heating and AC companies will carry out the following money-saving tasks during a routine maintenance check:

  • Ensuring the thermostat setting is saving you energy
  • Tightening electrical connections to keep your home safe
  • Lubricating moving parts to reduce friction
  • Checking and inspecting condensate drains
  • Checking system controls like the start cycle

When you schedule ‘AC repair near me,’ ask about these and other services that can help you save energy and cut back on your utility bill. Many companies offer an AC repair free estimate, too, so you have nothing to lose.

Monthly Air Filter Checks

You may not think dirty air filters are a big deal. But when you consider that a clogged-up AC filter can increase your energy usage by 15%, you may want to think again.

Dirty air filters can also increase the likelihood of too-hot or too-cold spots around the home and wear out expensive components in your HVAC system. They can also literally make you sick!

The good news is that you can learn how to replace filters and clean reusable filters yourself. Next time your local heating and cooling maintenance guy stops by, ask for some tips to start tackling this task on your own.

Duct Sealing and Resealing

Did you know you could lose up to 30% of your energy through leaky heating and cooling ducts? If you do not get your ducts resealed regularly, you may be throwing your hard-earned money down the drain.

Worse, poorly connected or gapping ducts can also result in a house that never feels cool enough in the summer. Or it can prevent your home from getting warm enough in the winter.

Luckily, your local Orleans heating and cooling contractor can solve this problem. They can ensure your HVAC vents, registers, and ducts are well-sealed and repair areas that aren’t.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance in Orleans, IN

Regularly checking your HVAC system is the secret to saving money on energy.

Schedule bi-annual routine maintenance checks to ensure your HVAC system and ducts are in working order. Your technician can also show you how to clean and replace your air filters, which should be done once per month.

Do you need expert heating and cooling maintenance services in Orleans, Indiana? Dayton’s Heating and Cooling has 80 combined years of experience helping customers like you improve their homes’ energy efficiency.

Schedule service today and stop wasting money on energy.